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Re: Emacs sends mail, but doesn't show-up in exim.

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> writes:
>Robert Cymbala <cymbaLa@lafn.org> writes:
>> I COULD USE some advice on where to begin trouble-shooting the
>> following problem.  Sometimes email that I send from Emacs (using C-x
>> m compose-mail) does _not_ appear in exim.
>Are you sure it isn't in exim's queue?  Run mailq as root... mailq as
>a user doesn't show everything.

Michael Soulier also recommended checking the log, something I'm used
to doing by by simply looking (as root with command ``ls'') for *-D
and *-H files in _/var/spool/exim/input_.  That's how I discovered the
"problem" in the first place.  (Sometimes it's fun to see a list of
files in _input_ before making PPP connection, and then noticing that
they've disappeared shortly after connecting.)

Had not been aware of mailq until now, so can't say for sure (although
mailq seems roughly equivalent to ``ls /var/spool/exim/input'').
Today i sent a test message (to one of the two addresses that didn't
"work" yesterday) and ran mailq as root.  Thankfully, it did get into
exim's queue (maybe the fact that "it fixed itself" is a sign i'm
slowly loosing my mind -- only drugs involved are some cheap red and
white wines, and an occassional whiskey & cigarette).

Maybe reorganizing .emacs and stop/start Emacs did something.  Around
the time email to certain addresses was not reaching exim, my keyboard
was acting funny.

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