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Re: a printer for Linux

on Sat, May 05, 2001 at 01:59:54PM -0700, Ron Farrer (rbf@farrer.net) wrote:
> Brian Nelson (nelson@bignachos.com) wrote:
> > This is awfully misleading information.  In general, there are two
> > types of printers: lasers and inkjets.  An inkjet printer is cheaper
> > is generally cheaper and can't process postcript natively.  However,
> > their cost per page is usually very high--orders of magnitude higher
> > than a laser.  If you plan to print fairly often, there is no question
> > you should get a laser.
> > 
> > Most lasers, except for low end models, support postscript.  This
> > automatically means that it will be perfectly supported under Linux or
> > any other virtually any other operating system with minimal effort.
> > They also have much better output and speed compared to inkjets.  And,
> > they are generally much more rugged--inkjets, in my experience, break
> > all the time.
> It may have been misleading. I should have expanded on what I was
> talking about. Sorry, my bad. However, before I bought my current
> printer I wanted to buy a lazer printer that had color and

First, it's "laser", not "lazer".  For Light Amplification by Stimulated
Emission of Radiation.

> postscript and didn't print slower then 6PPM black/4PPM color. The
> cheapest I found was $2,000 USD. 

Color laser is going to be expensive.  Period.

> That was WAY out of my budget (and still is). Printers that support
> postscript seem to be 30 - 40% more then similar featured printers
> that do not. ghostscript works pretty well with some printers and I
> couldn't justify paying 30 - 40% more just to have hardware level
> postscript support. 

Depends on your needs.  My line of droppable features starts with color,
then duplex (can be nice), then postscript, then network.  At this
point, you may as well get LJ.

However, what you're buing with postscript is a significant shift of
processing from your computer to the printer.  I've had PS=>PCL
conversions spool for what seemed like days on my computer.  Then
transfer to a slow inkjet for printing.  Not acceptable.

> I'll agree that ink-jet printers have a higher cost per page, that is
> why I buy refill kits. Besides the fact that the refill kit ink is
> higher quality then what you get from the manufacturer.

Toner's still cheaper and lasts longer.

> > Probably the only significant advantage of an inkjet is color
> > printing.  Most inkjets will do a decent job at printing in color at
> > far lower (initial) costs than a color laser.
> Yes, and when I was buying I wanted color. My ink-jet printer does
> 12PPM black/10PPM color and supports 1440 x 720 DPI. There are not a
> lot of lazer printers that can do that, add in postscript and you are
> looking at an expensive printer...

Price the printer vs. the occasional shot done at the neighborhood
Kinko's.  If you're a professional photogger, you'll want the 10K
printing rig.  Otherwise....

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