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Re: athome funny business [was Slow Cable Modem Revisited]


This topic is of interest here in Eureka California where PacBell has a 
strangle hold on broadish band. Cox cable is just about to start a beta test 
in the area post the upgrades they performed last year. I've learned that the 
server is of a proprietary class as opposed to the newer systems that are 
considered non-proprietary. The reason is that it was thousands of dollars 
cheaper then the newer systems. I am uncertain of what type of modem it is, 
but think it's based on motorola.

I've wired the engineer in hopes that he'll let me beta test their system 
since I've pretty much given up hope for fairness from PacBell. 

So the question that comes to me, is what type of protocol is going to be 
used, and how hard will it be to tweak my stable box to use it. Should be 

Now if I could just get a different local telco provider! Monopolies suck.


On Friday 04 May 2001 10:23, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> Cable modems are completely unlike DSL modems regarding "user-tunable"
> bits.  For better or for worse, most of the cable modem's
> functionality is meant to be controlled by the cable operator.
> BTW, I don't believe @Home is forcing anyone to use a proxy (though
> they like it if you do; it lowers their aggregate demand for external
> bandwidth.)  IMO, most "funny business" with @Home is a result of
> their rapid growth.  Besides, @Home has to depend on the local cable
> operator to uphold quality considerations for the last mile.

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