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I just installed boa and having some trouble setting up the VirtualHost. My
main problem i think is that i don't quite understand this

ServerName www.0wnz.slyip.net

# VirtualHost: a logical switch.
# Comment out to disable.
# Given DocumentRoot /var/www, requests on interface 'A' or IP 'IP-A'
# become /var/www/IP-A.
# Example: http://localhost/ becomes /var/www/
# Not used until version  This "feature" also breaks commonlog
# output rules, it prepends the interface number to each access_log line.
# You are expected to fix that problem with a postprocessing script.


Can somone please help me i am trying to setup http://peter.0wnz.slyip.net
and to pull the files from /var/www/peter/ is anyone able to help???????


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