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Re: help required with X configuration and mouse

Sorry for the late reply.
Bob Nielsen wrote:

The answer may be as simple as this: COM1 = /dev/ttyS0, not ttyS1. Another thing to look for is a symbolic link from /dev/mouse to
/dev/ttyS0 (if you refer to the mouse as /dev/mouse in XF86Config).
Sorry about that it is not com1 it is COM2. I will check up on the /dev/mouse link also. But while running "xf86config" I specified the port as /dev/ttyS1.

If that isn't the problem, send the pointer part of /etc/X11/XF86Config
to the list for comment.
I will post the entire XF86Config part today itself. Please bear with me.
Thanks for your reply.

On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 09:58:16PM +0530, Joseph wrote:

I have a Logitech First Mouse with 3 buttons and Serial connection. IT is connected to COM1 or ttyS1. I have Diamond Viper V330 and use the X server as XF86_SVGA. The Debain Desktop starts properly but the mouse does not function properly. A mouse pointer is shown on the screen but it refuses to move with the mouse. I have a Samsung Samtron 40Bn, with horizontal Refresh rate as 30-55 khz and vertical refresh rate as 50-120 hz. Since the mouse does not function properly I cannot make use of the desktop.
Any help would be appreciated

Have a Nice day.
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