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Re: postgresql do.maintenance messages

"Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

> Ramin Motakef wrote:
>   >Hi,
>   >since updateting postgres to 7.1 i get the followin mails from the
>   >do.maintenance cron job:
>   >
>   >NOTICE:  Cache reference leak: cache pg_operator (15), tuple 666 has count 1
>  ...
>   >I have no idea what that means....
> Please run VACUUM on individual databases till you find out where it's
> coming from.  Let me know if it happens with or without the ANALYZE
> option to VACUUM.
> Within the database, run VACUUM on individual tables so that we can pin
> it down to a particular table (or tables).

i found the database and the table. I had to use vacuum analyse to
find it.

This table is not in in use, so it is no problem to drop
it. Interestingly it has a unnamed column with unknown type:

online=# \d einheiten 
       Table "einheiten"
 Attribute |  Type   | Modifier 
 ?column?  | unknown | 
 sum       | integer | 

online=# select * from einheiten;
 ?column? | sum 
 April-98 | 169
(1 row)

If I can do something more analysing the problem please tell me,
otherwise i will drop the table (or the db, as it is only of
historical interest :-) ).


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