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Re: postgresql do.maintenance messages

Ramin Motakef wrote:
  >since updateting postgres to 7.1 i get the followin mails from the
  >do.maintenance cron job:
  >NOTICE:  Cache reference leak: cache pg_operator (15), tuple 666 has count 1
  >I have no idea what that means....

 *    AtEOXact_CatCache
 * Clean up catcaches at end of transaction (either commit or abort)
 * We scan the caches to reset refcounts to zero.  This is of course
 * necessary in the abort case, since elog() may have interrupted routines.
 * In the commit case, any nonzero counts indicate failure to call
 * ReleaseSysCache, so we put out a notice for debugging purposes.

Please run VACUUM on individual databases till you find out where it's
coming from.  Let me know if it happens with or without the ANALYZE
option to VACUUM.

Within the database, run VACUUM on individual tables so that we can pin
it down to a particular table (or tables).

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