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Re: bad bios (i think)

> I just received an old acer pentium 133 to use as my linux
> box.  Major problem with it is as soon as I turn the damn
> thing on it fails to go thru BIOS.  It just stares back at me
> for a minute then displays "keyboard interface error" then
> after another minute "pointing device error."

It's pretty unlikely that both your keyboard and mouse have died at
the same time, so as someone else already suggested, try switching
their connections around. If they're both PS/2 plugs, they'll
obviously go into either plug. Newer motherboards don't seem to
care; older boards do.

In the worst case, if the above doesn't work, it's also possible
that the motherboard is dead. Well, part of it and since you can't
simply replace the ps/2 connection part, the board is effectively

Just curious, did someone give you this box ?? :-)

> I have replaced the harddrive with a clean one (after the
> problem started)

Your harddrive may be working perfectly. Solve one problem at a
time. Nothing indicates that there's something wrong with the drive.

Good luck

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