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Re: SOLVED: (Post Upgrade?) Boot Disaster revisited

I apologize for the bandwidth.  The last time we met, I was unable to boot my machine, which suffered a horrid clattering/clacking sound after displaying LILLinux02 and freezing.  

At last I have solved this problem.  Perhaps this information will be of interest.  

The problem was due to my having, after compiling my own kernels, installed the vmlinuz link in /boot .  Not in / .  When I upgraded, I suppose I didn't pay enough attention---perhaps due to the large amount of information accompanying that recent sid upgrade.  Lilo installed its own /etc/lilo.conf.  There was no longer any link "/vmlinuz" to /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.19 or whatever.  

Once I booted the system from a rescue disk as Osamu Aoki mentioned to another user. edited /etc/lilo.conf, and ran lilo, the machine boots fine.  

Alan Davis.

On Tue, 1 May 2001 23:58:42 +1000
Alan <adavis@saipan.com> wrote:

> My drive is ok, but the MBR has been hosed.  Lilo now displays this message
>                    LILLinux02
> Once in a few boot attempts, this doesn't actually lead to a clattering sound.  At these times, a peach colored screen appears with a neatly formatted
> table listinG all the kernels in my lilo.conf.
> Nothing happens. 
> I have installed linux on another partition on the same drive.  
> The drive is behaving fine.  
> In hda1 is a BUNCH of these files:
>               errsXXXX(etc)
> They all look to be empty.   
> This is too bizaare to have happened only to me.  Has anyone
> ever seen such a thing?
> Alan Davis
> adavis@saipan.com
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