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Re: ReiserFS + 2.4.4

Sounds fool proof(your plan that is).

hdparms and reiser, havent done this yet myself. I would think it would work fine though. I dont think hdparms cares whats actually on the disk.

heh rm -fr the directories before copyin, even with a tar backup would scare me =). Hope it works for you let us all know how it goes.
William Leese <wleese@europe.nl.com> wrote:
> > not exactly efficient, but simple enough to not make any large mistakes..
> > (i hope, but if something goes seriously wrong i still have everything in
> > tarballs on the vfat partition)
> oh, i didn't backup /proc and /tmp because tar spewed out a few error 
> messages. but from what i can recall /proc is created by the kernel(?) and 
> for /tmp the directory just needs to be recreated, correct?
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