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Need Help; Read Only file system needs to be Read Write in new Sid upgrade

I recently upgraded my Sid/unstable test system. After the upgrade the
file system will not mount properly. It mounts read only. It also boots
up to runlevel 2 after giving the error message that it can not run
/etc/rc , /etc/rcS. Apparently the kernel can not access anything in
/etc/init.d/. I tried to get the file system to remount rw but that did
not work. I am uncertain of the correct syntax for the command even
after reading the entire "man mount" output. No commands work that
require any disk write function. The system is a multiboot machine so I
can mount the testbed filesystem on a production system and edit files.
When I upgraded Sid I noticed the lilo was upgraded. In the past I was
always offered the option to run lilo from the debconf menu. This has
changed and we are asked several questions regarding the disk format and
whether or not we want lilo to regenerate "automatically". I chose to
only run lilo with the -F option. I distrust auto anything... Now lilo
will not run at all.  Any advice will be appreciated as I do not want to
destroy a 13Gb file system. 
John Foster

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