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'make' and symbolic link problem


I have a curious problem that first surfaced several months ago, but
I was unable to address until this week.  Basically, 'make' refuses to
make anything, although it "knows" what has to be done.  For example,
I have a small library, and a corresponding makefile for which 'make -n'
tells me it will run the following:

	p3:provinsd@enf403-2:~/utils 554$ make -n
	gcc -c -g create_2d.c
	gcc -c -g pgm_out.c
	gcc -c -g WaveletCorr.c
	gcc -c -g is_power2.c
	gcc -c -g fft.c
	gcc -c -g conv.c
	gcc -c -g read_vals.c
	ar cr libdaputils.a create_2d.o pgm_out.o WaveletCorr.o
	is_power2.o fft.o conv.o read_vals.o

This is correct, and "make" runs the same "makefile" just fine on my
home machine (also Debian 2.2).  Everything compiles properly there.

When I run 'make' on this machine, however, I get the following cryptic
message, and it terminates in error:

	p3:provinsd@enf403-2:~/utils 555$ make
	gcc -c -g create_2d.c
	make: execvp: gcc: Too many levels of symbolic links
	make: *** [create_2d.o] Error 127

If I execute the "gcc" statement above (gcc -c -g create_2d.c), it runs
to completion without any hint of error.

I should add that until I noticed the problem in February, I had no
difficulty with "make" here (or at home).

Both 'make' and 'gcc' are not linked to anything.  Neither is my home
directory, nor the subdirectory containing the makefile and sources
listed above.  Apart from '/usr/local', which I mounted on a separate
partition, the rest of '/usr' is on its own partition.

Debian 2.2 is up-to-date (as of this morning), but that had no effect.
The kernel is:

	Linux enf403-2 2.2.14 #1 Mon Jan 17 08:13:18 MST 2000 i686 unknown

Does anyone have any ideas to enable me to correct the problem,  or have
any suggestions on how to investigate the problem?

Dean Provins

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