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Re: (OT) Storage (8*IDE HDs) any experiences?

> Sorry I missed the start of the thread. I would suggest you to buy a simple
> IDE-to-SCSI Raid Appliance. You don't have the trouble with sizing the Power
> supply. You get a neat chasis with plug-able disks and you also get the
> speed of SCSI and the ability to plug it into every server you desire. The
> prices are quite reasonable. I asume you need it at work, cause more than
> 4x36GB isnt realy needed for private persons, even if they have a large mp3
> archive :)

I also missed the start of this thread, but I will share my experience...

We built a rackmount "backup" server with SEVEN 80GB drives, CDROM, floppy,
20GB drive (for root system), etc. We software raided the 7 drives together
to make 1 partition. When we first put the system together (using a 300W PS)
the drives were making funny noises and we were having stability problems.
Somehow (I can't remember exact details) we got the idea that it was a PS
problem. So I ordered a high quality 350W PS and our problems went away.

We actually like our backup solution. It only cost us about $2800 for over
1/2 terabyte of storage and its maintenance free, fast, and easy to use. On
the Windows client side we have loadlin scheduled to boot into linux at
night (which uses an NSF system mount), it then rsyncs the client's hard
drive, and then reboots the computer back into Windows.

Charles Lewis

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