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mbr / lilo ? what's my problem ?


I have updated some new packages yesterday, and today I get the lilo prompt,
but it doesn't go further than:
Loading 1.........

I don't quite understand what my problem is. Do I need to fix the MBR, or do
I need to play with lilo?
(I think it's option 2, because it goes like 
Boot: MBR ---> LILO ---> Kernel,
so if I got the lilo prompt, but it's not getting to the Kernel, then it
should be a lilo pb)

The solution would involve booting with a floppy, eg tom's, and fixing
/etc/lilo.conf, rerunning lilo, and crossing my fingers while it reboots.

But before I commit an irremediable sin, I would like the blessing of some
experienced lilo tweaker.

Thank you.


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