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Re: Steps to Sound

> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to set up sound on my debian system. It is one of those IBM
> 300GL machines that come with (I think) an onboard sound card.
> Funny though is that the KDE CD player kscd plays fine when I insert a
> music CD into the drive.
> I added sound in my /etc/modules file but this doesn't seem to work.

first thing is to determine EXACTLY what kind of soundchip
is on your soundcard. rip open the system and take a look.
if its a PCI soundcard you may be able to cheat by downloading
the demo of the commercial OSS and install it, it may auto
detect the card and show you what it is, then you can use
OSS or you can ditch it and keep the info it gave you.

maybe it will be supported..maybe not..who knows...


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