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Re: Steps to Sound

> > I'd like to set up sound on my debian system. It is one of those IBM
> > 300GL machines that come with (I think) an onboard sound card.
> first thing is to determine EXACTLY what kind of soundchip
> is on your soundcard. rip open the system and take a look.

Yes the Audio Adapter is PCI. I saw a chip with ESS written on top of it,
and a quick check at the ibm website say's that the adapter should be PCI.
Ok I guess :)

> if its a PCI soundcard you may be able to cheat by downloading
> the demo of the commercial OSS and install it, it may auto
> detect the card and show you what it is, then you can use
> OSS or you can ditch it and keep the info it gave you.

Where do I get the demo of the commercial OSS?


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