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Re: Snarled console after X 4.0.2 runs.

Hall Stevenson <hallstevenson@mindspring.com>
>* Robb Kidd (rkidd@ncmec.org) [010425 17:27]:
>>      X snarls the F1 - F5 text consoles, but runs fine itself. 
>> Killing the X server does not unsnarl them.
>> 	I noticed the many messages about disabling the framebuffer
>> (CONFIG_FB) and recompiling the kernel, but I do not see that 
>> config entry in "make menuconfig" (or less'ing about in the 
>> generated .config file). 
>>	Do I add this line? Have I misread and should be recompiling 
>> XFree86?

> Disabling framebuffer is the only only way I've been able to "solve"
> this. Like you mention, I've seen other people post about the 
> problem, but no solutions.

	My confusion comes from the absense of the CONFIG_FB entry in the
.config file generated by a "make menuconfig" on a 2.4.2 kernel source. 
How do I disable the framebuffer if this line is missing?  (While I've
ventured into the Great Beyond of Kernel Compiling, I still need a
travel guide from time to time and prefer to camp at sites with running

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