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Re: How to download a package?

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From: "Dean" <destruss@IowaTelecom.net>
To: "Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2001 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: How to download a package?

> >> I have also wondered on downloading as root, does this
> >> leave us open security wise?       Dean
> >Note recent discussion on trimming quotations in responses and using
> >postfix response.
> My apologizes for improper e-etiquette. For me, it's easier to read 
> only the reply and then scroll if I need to be refreshed, but I can see
> where it might be confusing.
> >Not significantly.  However, minimizing activities run as root tends to
> >reduce your security exposure.  If you do download live payload and
> >accidentally run it as root, you're in more danger than if you run it as
> >an unprivileged user.  Running "advanced" file transfer utilities --
> >browsers, GUI FTP utilities, etc., may leave you open to automated
> >content handling, most of which confers a low benefit for the potential
> >risks involved.
> >root user is a powerful tool.  It's best used only when needed.
> Agreed, however in order to run apt-get one needs to be root user,
> so my question was in regards to vulnerability during the retrieval of
> deb's during an apt-get install or upgrade or whatever. Specifically 
> if while downloading, can we be probed and perhaps be open to 
> hostile programs while we are apt-getting as root?   Dean
> >Cheers.
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> >Subject: Re: How to download a package?

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