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Re: Problem dialing in via mgetty.

Alan Eugene Davis wrote:
> I am putting together a four machine  (Debian) GNU/Linux network in my
> HS classroom.  It's substantially working, and, I might add, much to
> the credit of the Debian team and the excellent install setup.   I am
> running 2.2, pretty much "out of the box."
> Tonight I dialed in to my home machine, a Sid system.  It was a piece
> of cake to enable dialing in using mgetty and a simple tweak to
> /etc/inittab.  Deceptively easy I think.  The first time around, it
> worked fine, and I logged in and out, no problem.  A while later I
> decided to try to xmodem (or whatever) a file, when the system didn't
> cooperate:
> In typing in my login name, each character was echoed twice.
Somehow the modem probably got set to "online echo on" or "half
duplex".  Make sure the dialing software (you don't mention what it is)
sends "ATF1" to the modem as part of the initialization string.

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