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Re: Problem dialing in via mgetty.

On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 10:33:09PM +1000, Alan Eugene Davis wrote:
> I am putting together a four machine  (Debian) GNU/Linux network in my
> HS classroom.  It's substantially working, and, I might add, much to
> the credit of the Debian team and the excellent install setup.   I am
> running 2.2, pretty much "out of the box."  
> Tonight I dialed in to my home machine, a Sid system.  It was a piece
> of cake to enable dialing in using mgetty and a simple tweak to
> /etc/inittab.  Deceptively easy I think.  The first time around, it
> worked fine, and I logged in and out, no problem.  A while later I
> decided to try to xmodem (or whatever) a file, when the system didn't
> cooperate: 

Why not set it up to dial-in via PPP? Mgetty and PPP work very well together.
Then you can dial into the machines the same way as you connect to
your ISP.  And you can use scp (or ftp or rcp or whatever) to copy files 

> In typing in my login name, each character was echoed twice.  

Are you sure that Xmodem wasn't still running at the other end?.
> Surely this is easy to fix?  Can someone provide a clue?  
> It is much easier to install a network now.  I now fear to have to
> learn the nuts and bolts, in order to be able to administer the
> system(s).

Hm. If you were only a *user*, then you shouldn't need to know much 
about the nuts and bolts. But for an *administrator*, you'd be
*expected* to know... Time to dig into the how-tos.

> The system is being built on a grant, as a proof of concept effort.
> I hope to demonstrate as much scientific computer use as I can.  So
> far, so good!   The naysayers are many.

I know the feeling. But feel free to post if you have any problems.

> Thanks everyone.  Again. 
> Alan Davis, 
> Marianas High School and 
> Northern Marianas College
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> adavis@saipan.com                                      1-670-235-6580
>     Alan E. Davis,  PMB 30, Box 10006, Saipan, MP 96950-8906, CNMI
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>  every subject -- as soon as facts are shown to be opposed to it.  
>                                   -- Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

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