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Here is my problem with the Linksys NIC:

  . I have two NICs:  Linksys EtherFast 10/100 and Intel 10/100
  . Using 2.4.3 Kernel and have tulip.o module compiled in it.
  . The Interl NIC is detected as eth0 (btw,  did I compile any support
    for that card?  I dont think so.  it's a integrated NIC)
  . Linksys NIC is not detected at the boot time.  But can be brought up
    by insmod into eth1.

My solusion for this:

  - Have a script which insmod tulip and have it called in
    /etc/network/interface,  just after eth0 is up before eth1 settings.

It's ugly.  I tried /etc/modutils/aliases and update-modules without
success.  Maybe I did not do it right...

Finally,  it's woody.


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