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Re: Debian compatibility with MP3 devices

"Noah L. Meyerhans" wrote:
> Hey all.  I am considering purchasing some kind of small portable mp3
> player, but I don't want to get one that can only download its songs
> from a Windows box.  I know that there's kernel support for a USB link
> to a Diamond Rio 500 (and later models?).  But it seems like there are
> better players out there (i.e. players with more memory).  Does anybody
> here own such a device?  Which ones can talk to Linux?

i still use my 48MB rio 300 (32MB + 16MB expansion thing)..works good..
i have all my songs encoded at 32kbps using l3enc(other encoders can't
produce the quality that l3enc does at low bitrates..). although its
getting to be on it's last legs..hard to keep the battery in..i dont
think ill ever buy another portable cd player. before my rio i had
a $500 sony discman, luckily i spent another $100 on the extended 
warranty as it suffered more then $400 in repairs in the 3 years
i used it. the solid state stuff is soooooooo much more durable.
for refernece i think the model i had for sony was D-777, real
nice system, but fragile as hell.


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