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Email permissions - was Email embarrasment

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 05:14:39PM -0400, Rob Mahurin wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 08:22:42PM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:

> > Thanks Tim.  This helped me to discover that she could see the mail
> > queue using mailq when she is root and not as normal user.  Adding her
> > to the group mail seemed to fix the problem.
> Hmm --- that's a bad solution, since users in group mail can read all
> of the mailboxen in /var/mail.  If she's the only user on her laptop
> (and thus has the only mailbox, no security issues) this might work
> for you, but you should be aware that you probably haven't fixed the
> real problem and it may bite you again later.

OK, I did not realise that so I went back and investigate and found
something that I do not understand. I removed her from the group mail
by editing the /etc/group file (is there another way of doing this?).
Then I sent three test messages: one using xfmail (which is working
again), one using netscape and one using the mail-command from the

As user hs I did a mailq with the following result:
49m   618 14oLCK-0000AE-00 <hspies@adept.co.za>

48m   657 14oLDB-0000AL-00 <hspies@adept.co.za>

As root I did a mailq:
49m   618 14oLCK-0000AE-00 <hspies@adept.co.za>

48m   657 14oLDB-0000AL-00 <hspies@adept.co.za>

47m   707 14oLEu-0000BP-00 <hspies@adept.co.za>

The netscape message was missing from hs' mailq.  Why?

In /var/spool/exim/input there is:
total 24
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          121 Apr 14 10:14 14oLCK-0000AE-00-D
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          800 Apr 14 10:14 14oLCK-0000AE-00-H
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          139 Apr 14 10:15 14oLDB-0000AL-00-D
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          855 Apr 14 10:15 14oLDB-0000AL-00-H
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          130 Apr 14 10:17 14oLEu-0000BP-00-D
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          886 Apr 14 10:17 14oLEu-0000BP-00-H

I remember that either netscape or xfmail asked me to change the
permissions on /var/mail to 01777.

That is not what it is on my system.  Can that be the cause of this

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