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startx not working, but X does

I am running the unstable branch of debian and everything was great until I 
did an upgrade and then "startx" broke. I tried downgrading a bunch of 
packages that I thought were related (including xbase-clients, which created 

To start X, I can do:
$ X&
$ DISPLAY=:0 kde2

If I do that, than X starts and dies 3 times, then starts again and brings up 
the kde splash screen (but doesn't set the background around the splash 
screen to grey, which it did before). Once I am actually in, I can't tell the 
difference. The logfile didn't hint at an error, but ends with a message 
about the mouse ("(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Generic Mouse" 
(type: MOUSE)").

I appreciate any help.
	Jeff Davis

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