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Re: How to upgrade to kernel 2.4 and ReiserFS

On 08 Apr 2001 12:33:40 -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:

> If I was just upgrading to Woody I could have apt handle that, but I also
> want to install ReiserFS as the boot file system (instead of ext2 I'm using

I recommend against it for the time being. There were several reports of
fs corruption with reiserfs in 2.4.2 on the list. I was hit, too, but I
was lucky, it only took out fortune. In 2.2.19 it's said to be very
solid. I don't think / and /boot on reiserfs have any advantages,
either. You're not going to have files open there very much, they are
very small partitions that are fscked very quickly (not much longer than
reiserfs needs with its transaction logs) and i _believe_ they can be
mounted ro anyway.

Regards, M.


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