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Re: IMAP server recommendations ?

Disclaimer:  I'm the UW imapd maintainer so I'm biased. :-)

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Eugene van Zyl wrote:

> Hi,
> Any recommendations for a IMAP server (on Debian 2.2)? IMAP4.7c (I
> think this is UW IMAP?)


 seems to intergrates relatively painless and
> support most IMAP features (although I couldn't find anything on
> shared folders), courier-imap seems technically better(?) but
> confusing to set up especially making use of extended features like
> its altered maildir standard for shared folders, I can't seem to
> figure out what else this might break when using this?

At this point, most major mail software supports maildirs either builtin
or with third-part patches.  The Debian UW imap package is patched
to support maildirs.  If pine is built against the c-client library from that
package, it will support maildirs too.

> Also it's not
> very clear with courier where exactly the mail folders are going to be
> stored, /var/spool/mail or $HOME/? UW-IMAP indicates that folders are
> stored in $HOME/ and it automatically picks up mail from
> /var/spool/mail as well as $HOME/mbox, this doesn't indicate whether
> these mail are then transported to an imap folder or left there (btw
> this is makes me lean toward it for easier integration).

Left there.

> Then there's cyrus(cyris ?) imap as well. Couldn't really make much
> from its docs though.
> If someone that's running an imap server could give me some advice on
> what/how to install and set up partitions for storage, and in general
> which package gives the least headaces configuring. I also need to
> supply webmail access so would welcome any recommendations.

I recommend uw-imapd-ssl from unstable.  This is UW IMAP 2000, the
successor to 4.7c and as the name suggests it has built in SSL support.
It works out of the box and supports more mailbox formats than the others.

UW imapd has gotten a reputation for security problems.  This is due to
imapd exploits being the method of choice for hacking Red Hat boxes a
couple of years back.  But this hasn't been true for a long time and for
as long as I've been the maintainer, I haven't heard of *any* Debian user
being hacked through imapd.  So I think the fears are overblown.

> Also, is running POP3 and IMAP simultaneously possible/a big
no-no? > What caveats/issues are there?

POP sucks compared to IMAP??  Seriously it shouldn't be a problem.  The UW
POP2/3 servers are in the ipopd package.

For potato users, I have packages of imap 2000, ipopd, pine etc.
apt-gettable if you add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://www.braincells.com/pub/debian/Local potato/
deb-src  http://www.braincells.com/pub/debian/Local potato/

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