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Re: IMAP server recommendations ?

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Eugene van Zyl wrote:

> Hi,
> Any recommendations for a IMAP server (on Debian 2.2)? IMAP4.7c (I
> think this is UW IMAP?)

On Solaris, I've had a great amount of success with the Courier-IMAP
suite. Courier-IMAP only uses Maildirs, which is a newer mailbox storage
format that works reliably over NFS (apparently).

It works brilliantly with Exim, if you set up Exim to deliver into

I've been using it in a production environment for a few months now, and
not had any problems whatsoever with it.

If you're getting tired of the UW-IMAP daemon, give Courier-IMAP a try.
Its worth the effort in getting it set up. MS Outlook 2000, Pine, Netscape
Communicator all work flawlessly with it.


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