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Re: GLUG: IMAP server recommendations ?

On Wed 2001-04-04 (15:59), Eugene van Zyl wrote:
> Thanks, I'll courier looks like it then :-)
> With exim I saw the debian docs for courier indicate that I set Exim up for
> maildir delivery - will the POP3 server pick the mail up correctly from the maildir
> then? also will the pop client (if not set to leave a copy on the server) kill the
> mail from the user's maildir, i.e. he won't see it with IMAP afterwards? is there
> a way to control this behaviour?

Oh, that's something I forgot to mention - Courier-IMAP only does

At least to my knowledge, the default password/pam modules for
Courier-IMAP will look in ~/Maildir/ (maybe it can even pick more up
from PAM) for the mailboxes.  POP3 and IMAP use the exact same
configuration, so if one finds it, the other will.  IMAP will use
"Maildir+" folders inside the Maildir, which obviously won't be
available directly via POP3.  I'm sure minor module hacking could do it,
maybe there're already examples.

As for POP3, the server doesn't enforce deletion, it'll do whatever the
POP3 client tells it to.  Most probably don't set the "Leave mail on
server" button, you may have to explain to your users to do so.

I'd recommend moving over to a virtual user system (ie, no real user
account on the machine).  In that case, userdb, or whatever, can specify
where exactly the Maildir will be, and things like that.  Or use LDAP,
or the myriad other options (vpopmail, &c.).

Neil Blakey-Milner

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