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Re: Newbie Question

>It's possible that your setup (LAN, cable access, etc.) assumes that
you'll get your IP address via DHCP (dynamic host configuration
protocol) and your Win95 is setup (default,??) to accomodate this
fact.  On installation of Debian, you can tell it to make use of DHCP
or you can modify /etc/network/interfaces to accomplish the same.  See
'man 5 interfaces'.<

Thanks for the note.  I have a lan with several Windows machines, which the
Linux machine is connected to.  The lan hub is connected to a D-Link DI701
Firewall/Router.  All the windows machines are configured to get their IP's
automatically from the firewall, which works great for them.

  But I could not get Linux to get an IP from the firewall.  In my
/etc/network/interfaces I had:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp hostname

  This did not work.  'route' would have no routes and trying to add one
would give a 'device not found' error.   Any attempt to ping would result in
'network unreachable'.

    I could only get it to work by specifying 'static', and giving it an ip
address, network and gateway etc.  Luckily, the firewall always gives the
computer the same IP address, so I booted Win95 and used 'winipcfg.exe' to
see what the firewall was assigning.  I wrote that down and give it to Linux
as a static IP and it worked.

   Anyway, thanks for the answer.  I think someday when I understand Linux
and networking better I will be able to set it up correctly.

Kevin Stokes
Pie in the Sky Software

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