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Re: Newbie Question


It's possible that your setup (LAN, cable access, etc.) assumes that
you'll get your IP address via DHCP (dynamic host configuration
protocol) and your Win95 is setup (default,??) to accomodate this
fact.  On installation of Debian, you can tell it to make use of DHCP
or you can modify /etc/network/interfaces to accomplish the same.  See
'man 5 interfaces'.

Take care and hope this helps,


On Tue, Apr 03, 2001, Kevin Stokes wrote:
>   I'm a windows user who is trying to install debian, and I have a question:
> All is ok until I  get to where I specify the APT configuration.  Although
> my system is connected via a LAN to a cable modem, any attempt to ftp,
> telnet, or ping anything besides 'localhost' results in 'Network is
> unreachable'.
>   If I boot Win95 on the same system, I can access the internet with no
> trouble.
>   My ultra-newbie question is:
> What steps do I take to troubleshoot this?   Any help would be appreciated.
> -Kevin Stokes
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