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GMT problems.


When I do:
psbasemap -JM5 -R0.5/2.0/58.9/59.8 -B0.25 -P -K > station.ps

I get
psbasemap: Error returned by fcntl [F_WRLCK]

It's the same with any other GMT program.

My home directory is mounted from a DEC-alpha via nfs and I'm running

Any help will be appriciated.


Karsten Bolding,
CEC - Joint Research Centre, ISPRA      Direct: +39 0332 789204
Space Applications Institute            Sec.    +39 0332 789177
Marine Environment Unit, TP442          FAX:    +39 0332 789648
I-21020 Ispra(VA) - Italy               E-mail: karsten.bolding@jrc.it

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