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Re: GMT problems.

I currently use GMT 3.3.6 and 3.4-beta (both compiled from original source)
on Debian systems.  My guess is that the problem you are seeing is an NFS
issue, not a GMT issue.  You may want to repost with an NFS related subject.
I'm not an NFS expert, so I can't be much help, but there should be many
people on this list who know these issues.  If you believe that this really
is a problem with the way GMT handles file locking, please let me know so
I can work with the GMT developers to resolve this before 3.4 is released.


On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 01:54:11PM +0200, Karsten Bolding wrote:
> Hi
> When I do:
> psbasemap -JM5 -R0.5/2.0/58.9/59.8 -B0.25 -P -K > station.ps
> I get
> psbasemap: Error returned by fcntl [F_WRLCK]
> It's the same with any other GMT program.
> My home directory is mounted from a DEC-alpha via nfs and I'm running
> 2.4.1.
> Any help will be appriciated.
> Karsten

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