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Re: few questions about .deb

> Hello,
> I have a few questions about Debian-packages:
> - Is there an easy way (not ar+tar) to see what files a package will
>   install bevor it is installed? (after install 'dpkg -L' will do it)

More then one. For example:

    dpkg-deb -c <deb> 

> - If I build a debian-package for a program that needs p.e.
>   /var/log/ppplog. Should '/var/log/ppplog' be included in
>   'data.tar.gz' or should I create it in 'postinst' (I need 'postinst'
>   in any case to set the rights on '/var/log/ppplog', right?).

Not sure what you mean by `included in the data.tar.gz'.
I believe the same effect for the /var/log/ppplog creation and permissions can 
be achieved using the debian/rules. Better check with policy.

> 	MfG
> 	bmg
	Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net>

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