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Re: Howto setup eth0

Hallo Mircea!

Pardon me for intruding your thread.

> /etc/init.d/network was the old script used in slink.You've been
> reading some old docs.Not applicable anymore.  Now in potato you
> ahve the daemon /etc/init.d/networking which starts/stops/restarts
> ALL interfaces listed in /etc/network/interfaces (man interfaces for
> a description of the file) ,and for individual interfaces you use
> ifup/ifdown interface -also based on /etc/network/interfaces .

This was exactly what disturbed me, when I configured DSL.

I did the following which seems not to be the debian way.

,----[ /etc/init.d/network ]
| ifconfig eth0 up

I even run update-rc.d network default 

,----[ interfaces ]
| # /etc/network/interfaces -- configuration file for ifup(8), ifdown(8)
| # The loopback interface
| iface lo inet loopback
| #iface eth0 inet static  # MY HOME NET
| #	address
| #	network
| #	netmask
| #	broadcast

So how can I configure DSL the debian way. I would like to use my
homenet _and_ DSL at the same time. 

Shall I simply insert:

iface eth0 up 

in interfaces?


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