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Re: Setting lynx up to deal with a proxy server

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 08:40:38PM +0200, Morten Bo Johansen wrote:
> Simmons-Davis <simmonsdavis@frontier.net> wrote:
> > My ISP uses a proxy server and so prevents Lynx from working
> > properly (or at least that was a possiblility that someone else
> > suggested). I know for sure that my ISP uses a proxy server as
> > they told me themselves. Please tell me what information I need
> > from my ISP and then where to change it in the Lynx
> > configuration files.
> In what way does it not work? You must be more specific than
> that if people are supposed to be able to help.
> Your ISP would never require you to use their proxy server but
> they most cetainly offer you to make use of one. 
> So it's not where your problem's at..

Actually there are ISP's that enforce the use of proxies.
I am connected to one now.  Any how, to use lynx with a proxy
you need to set your environment.
I use
export http_proxy="http://<proxy server address>:<port>/"
Where <proxy server address> is the name of the proxy server
and <port> is the port it runs on, 8080 in most cases.
I have this in my .bashrc and it runs like a dream.

Dermot Coffey

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