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Re: kernel-compiling, when should components be compiled as modules?

You need to compile in any capabilities required for boot.  For
example, if you have a SCSI only system, the appropriate SCSI
capabilities need to be compiled into the kernel.  

Other capabilities you might want to compile in are items that you know
the kernel will be using.  For example, if you know your home system is
always going to have a particular network card installed.  Although,
this might be a hassle if you want to switch cards later.  Generally, I
don't bother to do this.

--- Bryan Walton <bryan@bryansweb.com> wrote:
> Hi Jimmy,
> Thanks for your email.  Therefore, is it generally safe to compile
> everything as a module (given that the option exists)?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
> On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 02:43:52PM -0600, Jimmy Richards wrote:
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