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Oracle and DBI

Clues sought,

I am trying to set up read only access to an Oracle database (of
which I have no control) using Perl. I have used Perl/DBI/DBD to
access mysql databases sucessfully, but am stuck trying to access

Most of the documentation seems to assume that you are trying to
access an Oracle that is locally mounted - it requires the setting of
an ORACLE_HOME to point at the local oracle software.

I have also looked at setting up the connection via ODBC, which is
the route used by most users, but they are on windows boxes. This
seems to require some extra driver software. I assume that this comes
with the Oracle distribution. 

I do not have the memory or disk space necessary for a full Oracle 

Do I really need to do a full Oracle Install in order to set up a

Please could someone tell me what I have misunderstood, and perhaps
point me at the documentation I have failed to find.

Thanks (in hope),

Dave Whiteley

E-Mail: Dave Whiteley <d.l.whiteley@ee.leeds.ac.uk>
Date: 02-Apr-2001
Time: 09:09:35
Phone: 0113 233 2059

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