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Re: mailx-->logrotate-->lilo

On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 09:48:06PM -0700, Mircea Luca wrote:
> Sorry for jmping in here,but then what is the solution to this
> small dilema :
> lilo depends on logrotate,logrotate depends on mailx

lilo depending on logrotate is an absurdity is it not?

> So if I try to remove mailx I can't boot linux anymore with lilo.

well why are you removing mailx?  alot of things use it to send mail
(even though those things are arguably broken) 

> I guess filing a bugreport against logrotate and lilo ?
> why does lilo depends on logrotate anyway ?

very good question.  all it uses it for (AFAIK) is to mv the
/boot/boot.b to /boot/boot.b.preserved which previous lilos
misteriously were able to do without logrotate for countless

here is my suggestion, install grub, and apt-get --purge remove lilo
to escape this madness.   the grub packages won't ever touch any part
of your active bootloader when upgraded too.  

Ethan Benson

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