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Re: Repost (Apologies for HTML): Problems upgrading from potato to woody

on Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 02:13:26PM -0300, Daniel Toffetti (dtoffe@cybertech.com.ar) wrote:

>         I added testing (woody) to my sources.list some days ago and carried
> out an upgrade of my potato box. I got two main problems (amongst others I
> may not noticed so far):
> - It broke my lilo, leaving me with a missing library (/lib/ld-linux.so.2).
> I got the file mailed to me by another user, boot using floppies, and
> managed to repair the boot.

So...is your problem resolved or not?

> - My X system doesn't starts anymore. I tried configuring, reinstalling,
> reconfiguring... no luck. It seems that xdm doesn't find a running server
> and gives up.

This problem has been discussed in this list since January.  Check
archives, try advice there, report back with additional information.

>         I've read threads in www.debianhelp.org talking about this, and
> found others with the same (or related, such as problems with xfs, but after
> upgrading anyway) problem in #debian.
>         Is it common to have such serious problems when upgrading to woody,
> or it was just bad luck ?
>         Is there any docs on troubleshooting the upgrade ?  I really don't
> know what else to try with my X system, other than downloading the full
> woody dist, building the CDs and reinstalling from scratches...  :((

For troubleshooting in general:

  - Check command output.  In the case of X, run 'startx', 'xinit', or
    just 'X' from the command line. 

  - Check logs.  /var/log/XF86* or ~/.xsession-errors.

  - Note exactly what commands you're issuing and what results you're

  - Walk through your .xsession or /etc/X11/Xsession file(s) one line at
    a time.  It's easy to foul things up.


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