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Re: Repost (Apologies for HTML): Problems upgrading from potato to woody

Hi Karsten !!

- It broke my lilo, leaving me with a missing library
> I got the file mailed to me by another user, boot using floppies, and
> managed to repair the boot.

So...is your problem resolved or not?

        - I managed to solve my missing library problem, but not my X system
problem. Anyway, I messed up my system so much I decided to backup important
files and reinstall potato 2.2r0.

> - My X system doesn't starts anymore. I tried configuring, reinstalling,
> reconfiguring... no luck. It seems that xdm doesn't find a running server
> and gives up.

This problem has been discussed in this list since January.  Check
archives, try advice there, report back with additional information.

            - I'll upgrade my potato 2.2r0 partition only up to 2.2r3. I
need a stable system, even if I lack KDE and other goodies. And I'll
overwrite my Mandrake 7.2 partition with another potato installation, which
I will try (no hurry this time) to upgrade to woody.

        Thanks for your interest, perhaps I'll try the woody upgrade next
weekend, maybe you'll hear me complaining miserably then... ::))))


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