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RE: Why does gnome pager no longer iconize open apps on the panel bar

I am also interested in this idea for slightly different reasons.  I
reinstalled potato on Friday night.  Saturday got tired of WindowMaker and
installed Enlightenment.  Didn't like the funny "windows" - two on the left
and one the right.  Perhaps they were pagers.  At any rate from that point
on, any window that I iconized just disappears, even though its process is
still alive.

Later changed to blackbox and later still ended up installing Ximian Gnome.
When I iconize the window it goes *somewhere*, but haven't been able to
figure out where, or how to get it back yet.

Any ideas?  Are John and I suffering from the same malady?


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Subject: Why does gnome pager no longer iconize open apps on the panel

I am running a pretty much unstable/testing system. I have noticed that the
gnome pager no longer iconizes open application on the panel bar. I may need
set something differently but I am not sure. Has anyone else noticed this? I
NOT like it. There is a pop up woidow on the virtual desktop/pager that
to replace it,but it requires opening, then selecting the app to restore.
a lot of trouble to do waht was a one click operation before. Any way to get


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