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partioning, ssh, rawrite w/ a Mac

I am going to attempt to install Debian on a 100 Mhz Pentium I with a 1 Gig 
and was wondering what would be a good partion system would be.  I'm not quite 

Also, I have been trying to ssh into my machine remotely to update it.  When I
go to log in, it gives me the following error:

setgid:  operation not permitted

Why the operation is not permitted is confusing to me.  I haven't changed any 
the ssh config files and I was ssh'ing in for the past three days.  Anyone 
any thoughts.

Finally, I'm using a Mac to create the boot disks for the P-I mentioned at the
top.  I have no idea how to rawrite to create the boot disks, and I don't thnk
the Mac will do it natively.  I looked on some various linux websites and did 
couple of search engines, but nothing turned up.  Any help here would be
ESPECIALLY appreciated.  Thanks, DAVE

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