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Re: Package quality

It is more an indication of the 'relevance' of that particular item
returned by your search. So think 'quality' of the package vis-a-vis what
the search engine is guessing you were looking for ...

F'rinstance, if I enter "VRML" as a search string, the "vrweb" package
(which has to do almost exclusively with VRML files) "rates" higher than
the package "elvis" which is a vi-type editor with the ability to
highlight, etc. VRML's .wrl files (but does a lot of other things as

Glenn Becker
Online Producer, Community

At 10:23am on Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Ray Percival wrote:

> When you search for a package it has a column for quality and this 
> has a percentage in it. What does that mean? I've just wondered 
> about this for awhile and just thought I'd ask. Thanks very much.
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