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Re: partioning, ssh, rawrite w/ a Mac

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 12:01:24PM -0600, dmeiser wrote:
> I am going to attempt to install Debian on a 100 Mhz Pentium I
> with a 1 Gig HD, and was wondering what would be a good partion
> system would be.  I'm not quite sure.

depending on your deadlines & so forth, i'd do this:

	/swap = ramsize
	/       whatever's left
	install, tinker, uninstall, install, configure, install,
	frob, uninstall, tweak, munge, install, add, remove,
	reconfigure, add, tinker, edit, massage, frob ...
	once it does what you want, the way you want it, then:
	pick which partitions you want, from below:
	du /boot
	du /var
	du /usr
	du /usr/local
	du /home
	... and allocate their slices in proportion to their disk
	usage (so when you reinstall after a repartition, they should
	all have about the same PERCENTAGE empty).
	dpkg --get-selections '*' > /floppy/myDebianSelection
	- /usr and /var should get the lion's share, with plenty of
	  air. (a 1gb disk? you'd better not expect to get too far
	  with X or KDM or Gnome...)
	- /boot can be tiny, and is optional
	- if you expect lots of traffic on /home, give it its own slice
	  so when it gets full the rest of your system won't suffocate
	- /var is quite busy and can grow even with "apt-get install
	- /usr/local is where your self-installed (not via apt-get)
	  stuff should go; nice to have a separate partition for
	  easier linking with other systems (say, if you have potato
	  and slink both bootable on your machine).
	reboot from cd (whatever) and reinit the hd, repartition as
	decided from 3 above, and reinstall only base base stuff.
	dselect -> install apt-setup
	apt-setup -> however you like
	dpkg --set-selections < /floppy/myDebianSelection
	apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
	remember what upgrading was like on windows (or the mac)
	and smile for three days straight...

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