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Re: missing char-major-10-135

>>>>> "OA" == Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> writes:

    OA> Since this is fresh install, this should not happen, I guess.
    OA> Which paxckage is responsible with this problem of missing "rtc"?

I also see it on stratup with my customized kernel. I belive it
happens when startup script setups linux clock from CMOS.

For me it happens becouse my kernel is compiled without Real Time
Clock support, has support for modules autoloading and I've not
compiled module for it. Probably your kernel also doesn't have it.

If you don't like this warning edit your /etc/modules.conf and add
there line:

alias char-major-10-135 off

I belive it should help. I've not tried it.

Ilya Martynov
AGAVA Software Company, http://www.agava.com

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