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me again..sorry

I'm a pain..but I'll ask anyway!
I'm slowly getting used too Linux...some great action games!
Right..just too feel more at home..I thought about using Gnome...I thought it was installed, but decided too get a more recent version anyway.
I went too the site, and looked on how to get it..but I have to dl it from the command...fine...but how do I connect?
Well, I ran pppsetup, and configured everything (I believe) correcectly.
I typed what it told me too type...but a couple of things were wrong.
On the site, it says you need too log on as 'so' is this the same as root?
Ok...it also said too have the character | in it, but it was not typing it (I was using the 'command' tool within X) .
I entered it all anway, and looked like this:
lynx -source http://go-gnome.com/ | sh
(though could not enter the | simbol)
It just told me it could not connect...even though I had set it up..it didn't  (appear) too even try and connect.
Do you have too be already connected?
How do you connect anyway, as I can't even do it with Mozilla :o(
thanks for all the help!
perhaps soon I'll be able to offer help too!

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