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Re: From Sid --> Woody

On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 10:10:41PM -0300, Rafael Maximino Dib Gon?alves wrote:
> Hey fellas,
> there's the following:
> some time ago, before de pkg pools, I was using the unstable distro fine
> (it was woody). But then the pkg pools came, n even knowing I'd have to
> live on the edge, have all my pkgs broken, circular dependency problems
> n all stuff, I decided to keep using the unstable. But now there r some
> problems appearing, I'm having some changes at home and so I simply
> can't stay with something unstable anymore... the woody distro would be
> fine. But how can I come back to woody? My last dist-upgrade was about
> only 2 days...
> Am I fucked up or is it still a light in the end of the tunnel?
> thx folks, bye
> btw. should I simply grab all my old packages, on the
> /var/cacha/apt/archives (which is currently big) and reinstall by hand
> (of course, also changing my sources.list to woody...)?

I recommend not upgrading your system to sid anymore (duh ..) and put testing
in your sources.list. If everything is working for you there is no need to
downgrade is there? Woody is frozen so I don't think your sid packages will be
replaced by newer packages though ... But eventually you'll be running testing
when all packages have gotten upgraded.


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