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Re: me again..sorry

> I entered it all anway, and looked like this:
> lynx -source http://go-gnome.com/ | sh 
>(though could not enter the | simbol)
> It just told me it could not connect...even though I had set it up..it didn't  (appear) too even try and connect.
> Do you have too be already connected?
> How do you connect anyway, as I can't even do it with Mozilla :o(
> thanks for all the help!
> perhaps soon I'll be able to offer help too!

Sounds to me as if you don't have a nameserver in
your /etc/resolf.conf.

Figure out what your provider's nameserver ip is
and add:

#/etc/resolf.conf localhost
nameserver ip_of_your_nameserver

Hope that helps

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