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Re: using RHL 7's rpm in debian 2.2r2

Johann Spies wrote:
> Two complications: 1. Potato's alien would not translate RHL 7's rpm's
> to debian.  You need one from woody and that will require libc6 2.2 as
> far as I know.

No version of rpm in debian can handle red hat 7 rpms. Updates to a
version of rpm that can are stalled until we get db3 into debian.

Of course you can always install alien (and alien-extra) onto a red hat
7 box and do the conversion there..

> 2. Your dependencies may create a lot of problems.
> You may try alien for smaller packages which are not available in
> Debian, but I would not try it with something like XF 4.0.1.

Me neither. To quote myself in the man page:

       Alien should not be used to replace important system pack-
       ages, like init, libc, or other things that are essential
       for the functioning of your system. Many of these packages
       are set up differently by the different distributions, and
       packages from the different distributions cannot be used
       interchangeably. In general, if you can't remove a package
       without breaking your system, don't try to replace it with
       an alien version.

> You would be better off by using apt-get source and get sources from
> testing or unstable, compiling them to debian packages and install
> them on potato if you want to use newer versions.

I belive that x4 debs are available backported to stable, though I don't have
an apt source offhand.

see shy jo

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