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Re: ghost for linux?

also sprach Alvin Oga (on Thu, 01 Mar 2001 06:25:31PM -0800):
> donno...not everybody makes a bootable cdrom for their backups...
> i think its nuts...to make a cdrom backup... but..oh well...

a bootable cdrom is quite hard to make... rockridge extensions and all
that jazz. no, you cannot just "dd your harddisk onto the cd" (if you
could dd to cdr), and expect it to boot. you'd need ramdisks et al.

> taring does NOT copy teh boot info...so your disk is NOT yet
> bootable till you run lilo onit...

did i ever say that? tar'ing copies the file system, not the disk
sectors. it's preferable to dd'ing because it is partition
independent, and because it doesn't screw with bad block tables.

> 	- dd sometimes works...sometimes not....

dd always works. you may be doing something wrong some of the times.


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